First Healthy Thought… without trying.

the South Texas sky

You know how it takes 21 days to make something a habit?  Well, I’m not saying I’m there yet, but something pretty amazing did happen to me today.  I had my first healthy thought, probably ever– without trying to have one, that is.

I went to yoga.  Afterward, I had lunch, and then was driving home when this thought jumped in my head.  I should go for a walk.

As if I’m a normal healthy person and would normally have a thought like that.

Yeah, I heard myself correctly.  I should go for a walk.

And I’m right.  I should go for a walk.  The weather is beautiful.  Winter in South Texas is kind of like San Diego weather.  Not that I’ve ever been to San Diego, but I hear they have great weather, and we are having  great weather, and since a=b and b=c, then a must surely equal c.  And who cares when the train is leaving Boston.

Part of my routine is picking my child up from school.  The school is only a couple blocks away, but we live on a giant hill, so I usually drive because of course, if you walk off this hill, then you have to climb back up it to get home.  That part is not fun.  But today, I’m getting off my tuffet and my hill and I’m walking to that school, which is also on a hill, and then I’m walking back home.  And I will enjoy it because that’s what healthy people do.  The don’t mind exercise.  They enjoy great weather.  That’s almost so “me.”


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